Edible Dosage Calculator: Our Easy Guide

Whether you’re a medical patient, a non-smoker, or just want to try something new, edibles are a great option. However, the tricky part comes with finding the right edible dosage for you.

For example, factors like your cannabis tolerance, weight, age, and more all play into the right edible size. In our guide today, we want to show you the best way to find an appropriate edible dosage.

Finding Your Right Edible Dosage

Cannabis Edible Dosage

Edibles are well-known as great ways you can feel your medicine. Though they take more time to set in, the psychoactive effects are seen as stronger; more intense. In order to find the right edible dosage for your needs, you must consider all the factors in play.

First, how familiar you are with cannabis can be a factor. If you have a higher tolerance to cannabinoids, it may take a stronger edible to hit you right. 

Likewise, the more you weigh, the more likely you are to need a higher strength. Everyone is different, so let’s go over what you might typically expect from each strength of THC.

Under 10mg THC Edible Dosage

Let’s say you have a 100mg edible, but you just break off a small chunk. Maybe it’s a tenth of the edible; maybe it’s less. 

Something like this would be considered a microdose. Typically, an edible dosage under 10mg THC is for patients with stress, anxiety, and certain types of pain. Some even report feeling an increase in their creativity, focus, and productivity levels.

This is an ideal range for first-time users and those that are sensitive to cannabinoids. Likewise, the users that specifically want to microdose would do well in this range. 

10 – 50mg THC

This is a comfortable range for the majority of users. Ideal for stronger relief from the issues we mentioned above, it’s also ideal for the more persistent symptoms. 

At this range, users may feel an impaired sense of coordination. Fortunately, that’s often coupled with euphoria and an even more noticeable boost of creativity and newfound focus.

Between 10 and 50mg THC is great for those with a higher tolerance to cannabis than first-timers. If your gastrointestinal system doesn’t absorb cannabinoids as well, this might be a great place to start. 

50 – 100mg THC

Next up, 50 to 100mg THC is closer to a quarter or half of most edibles. It’s more likely to provide intense relief from various symptoms. Alternatively, recreational users also enjoy this range.

However, this range is where negative symptoms can also start to emerge. Everyone is different, so you may not experience an increased heart rate or impaired perception, but it is possible.

100+mg THC

Finally, this range isn’t for newbies. An edible dosage size of 100mg THC or more is for those looking for a good time. 

Whether you need immense symptom relief or just want an intense high, this is the range you might try. Keep in mind, 100+mg is half or an entire edible in one serving. Take it with caution and somewhere comfy to lie down afterward.

Your Ideal Edible Dosage

Premium Cannabis Edibles

Now that you know a bit more about proper edible dosage, it’s time to give them a try yourself. After all, no amount of reading about it will compare to your first edible experience. 

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