THC vs THCA: Cannabis Compounds Explained

thc vs thca

When it comes to cannabis, most consumers are familiar with the psychoactive powers of THC. However, there are variants of this cannabinoid that are also worthy of discussion. One such relative of THC that has carved out its own niche in the modern cannabis market is THCA, an alternative making waves with individuals seeking a far more mild high than THC is often accompanied by. Here is everything you need to know about the difference between THC vs THCA.

What is THC

What is THC?

Before we can explain what THCA is, it first helps to have an understanding of THC. THC is a special compound within cannabis that is responsible for inducing the high cannabis is famous for. While there are many compounds in cannabis that work together to produce the overall effects imparted by the plant, THC is the most famous by far.

THC is highly sought after in cannabis, and the measure of THC in a cannabis strain is typically used as a benchmark of its potency. Strains that have low quantities of THC will produce a weaker high than strains with high quantities of THC, making THC content an important metric for consumers to track when purchasing cannabis.

What is THCA

What is THCA?

THCA is essentially THC that has not been activated into its potent form. In the process of smoking, cannabis is burned, which causes THCA to quickly transform into THC that is then absorbed to result in a powerful high. When it comes to edibles, a similar process unfolds as THCA is superheated by the oven or other cooking method.

The reason for this disparity is that THCA does not match up with the receptors in the brain that typically react to cannabinoids prior to this decarboxylation process. Once THCA is burned, it is accepted by cannabinoid receptors and the renowned cannabis “high” is produced. However, there are still reasons for individuals to seek out pure forms of THCA.

THC vs THCA: Benefits of THCA

While the effects of THCA, and the effects of cannabis overall, are in the process of being studied by scientists and health professionals, many within the cannabis space believe that THCA has healing and soothing properties. THCA does not result in a psychoactive cannabis high, but it may operate in a manner similar to CBD, which is also lauded for its ability to relax the body and mind.

thc vs thca

THCA, like CBD, can be used in a variety of forms. CBD is commonly applied as a topical to specific regions of the body that are suffering from pain, and indeed, there are THCA topicals available for sale from some manufacturers. The most common means of consuming THCA though is through a dietary supplement, in the form of an edible, capsule or other ingestible item.

Likewise, there is continuous buzz around THCA for potential other properties that go beyond addressing pain and discomfort. Cannabis news websites are frequently interested in THCA as a subject of intrigue, so keep an eye out for new developments in THCA-oriented research and product development.

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